Look for the Beauty and Good

Photo by Kyle Lin

Listen very carefully and you will hear me speak. Allow me to maneuver your fingers typing and expressing my message outwardly. Without thought just type the words you hear me say … no processing or comprehension needed. Just hear my voice speak. As I take control of your fingers, just let it be. Words will flow from me, listen and move your fingers as I guide them.

In a world that seems so overwhelmingly ugly and broken, there truly is beauty and love. It is there present even though often not shared or assimilated throughout the media. Yes, it is present in your world; be aware of it and surround yourself in good, in beauty and in kindness as well as contribute through your positive deeds.
The ugliness is there but let it be without your perpetual viewing. The only way to overcome this sad aspect of human living is by surrounding yourself in the good, the joy and be grateful for the many blessings of human life. Not to be ignored is hardship,hurt, lies and deception and much more, BUT DO NOT immerse your BEING in this so that you feel consumed and broken from these experiences. Earthly problems are many and should not be minimized however to live in constant immersion of such is not healthy for the body or soul. Never allow negative actions and encounters to consume your being; always look for the good in every event.
Find your way and your place that allows you to laugh, to enjoy, to feel bliss and remove yourself from the chaos. For some it is the quiet moments of meditation but it can be present in everyday activities and happenings. Look for it and pull yourself out of searching for the painful experiences or happenings….. always look for the positives.

-TODAY a child was saved by the ingenious procedure of a medical doctor…. new procedure with huge success. Be grateful for the inventive and scholarly mind.

-TODAY a young lad was saved from human trafficking by an observant, caring and loving being. The lad was taken from the darkness of an ugly human act because another BEING cared enough to take action. Celebrate a new life.

-TODAY an elderly man clearly saw his granddaughter’s face for the first time because of a new innovative optical procedure. Cherish the moment.

-TODAY a malnourished dog was found outside of an abandoned house. Saved by someone who cared enough to embrace the animal, give him food, water and shelter. Cherish the preciousness of the bond.

These histories, along with many others reveal the power and grace in humanity as well as the gentleness and enlightenment available to all mankind. Speak of love and success in the human world, and fill your day with good. Your journey does not include your judgment of anyone, you are responsible for self! Live your life knowing joy and happiness and discover new opportunities that bring you peace and growth. In all of this you will gain solace in what many describe as a crazy broken world.. Live in a world of greatness! ♥️

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