A Prayer Came to Me

Prior to meditating, I say a prayer and most often set my intention. Two nights ago, I started to say a prayer and was stopped…… this is the prayer that was said TO me.

Thank you God for another day of life here on Earth. I am not entitled to anything nor should I expect anything. It is I that must make my life . Yes, it is of my making, my doing and my growing. You have given me another day for advancing my soul and for nourishing my body. I have been given more time to love and share with others, more time to laugh and cry, more time to meet the unfamiliar and know the unknown.

I am both body and soul. I must work to be a better person and I don’t sale my soul to another. I am forever grateful for all I have received, nothing comes by chance but all is meant to be. Thank you for helping me to be stronger and better than I was yesterday, last month and last year and in a past life existence.

Thank you God, thank you guides, Ángels and all those that surround me and teach me. I am love, light and energy and Most of all I am part of you! ♥️

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