Mistakes and Lies

Photo by Milada Vigerova

Why is it so difficult for humans to admit when they make a mistake or tell a lie? Why do they deny the truth, deny their culpability , distort the truth, misrepresent and fabricate, over and over again. Is humanness so powerful and controlling and absolute that a human is “incapable” of error. Absolutely not! The energy spent on untruths and defending these falsehoods is not only wasteful but also harmful and detrimental. No human is infallible, therefore admit the mistake, ask to be pardoned or forgiven, make restitution if necessary and move on in your human life.
Be aware of what you do and say. Be aware of your emotions and mental thoughts. If you truly know and understand self, then there will be exactness, love, and genuineness in your Being and in your life journey. Be mindful of what you say and do, you are NOT ALONE on the Earth. Find no excuse for hurtful lies and mistakes, but rather learn, evolve and advance your Being by TRULY being remorseful. Everyday trials and tribulations are placed in the path of EVERY human, and it is here where choices are made. When there are damaging mistruths and mistakes , there is pain and suffering.
True remorsefulness for a hurtful action is an example of advancement, learning, and evolvement. Be respectful, be alert, be sincere and be responsible . ♥️

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