Goodbye Friend

Recently I lost a friend to a murder suicide tragedy. Even though he and I only had a friendship through our dogs at the dog park, it was memorable. Shortly upon learning of the tragedy, I meditated and offered many prayers. Later I started creating this poem in his memory, and with the help of my guides, These are the written words.

Dog Park Friend (Victor)

May your guides and ours lead you to the light,
So Follow them closely and enjoy the flight.
Now no worries, sorrow, shame or pain,
Gone are the burdens of life lost in vain.

In our earthly life no one wants the end
Especially when it is the life of a good friend.
The choice you made was so matter of fact
So without warning that we could not act.

An abrupt close to life that no one could see,
If only someone had been there to make a plea.
Your desperation and despair was far too great,
It is then our dear friend you chose your fate.

Now we are all left without our beloved friend,
Sad, confused and unsettled by this tragic end.
We will never understand or know exactly why,
but always think of you when we look to the sky.

Forever we will remember you by your big smile,
and the puns you told in such unique style.
Our friendship with you was very dear and true,
and so full of loyalty like your sweet, UBU.

Goodbye friend, as we mourn your death
See you again after our last breath.
Once again thanks for being a loyal friend
Someday we will see you again at our life end.


Died March 15, 2019
Written by Shirlee Clevenger

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