How Do You Tell Your Story?

Sit quietly alone on a park bench, in an outdoor cafe, or on a bench in a shopping mall and
…… the conversations taking place around you, what do you hear? Are the chats joyful and full of the positives? Do you hear an uplifting or comical story. Do the people share stories about the thoughtfulness and selflessness of another? Or…. Do you hear stories of pain, sorrow, abandonment and illnesses? Are you hearing stories of happiness and success or stories of loss, failure and anguish.

In the journey of life there are so many experiences yet so often the human dwells on the most difficult or strenuous, the most unpleasant, grim or troubled. Why is this? Everyone in life has pleasant, enjoyable and rewarding experiences; some with more than others but always life has positives. Recently a lady said her husband died four years ago and since his death she has not lived one good moment of life. Never must this be! With certainty she loved her husband but to stop living her life journey and fulfilling her Earth mission because of his passing, is absolutely unnecessary, illogical and misguided. No life is to be dependent on another in such way. You did not come to Earth without a reason for your soul benefit, so when you fail to live your journey, there is no advancement but stagnation. How do you think her husband views this from the other side?

Humans are not on Earth to exist or be dependent on another. Humans are present in life to participate, engage, enjoy, advance, learn, expand and LIVE. Find joy in living your life. Even in the darker moments of time, there are always positives, light and rewards. How much enjoyment do you get in life? Do you see the positives in life or do you focus on the negatives?

The life journey is never to be only a burdensome one but rather rewarding, pleasurable, tasking, manageable and triumphant for the Soul. Look for the positives, look for the joy and enlightenment and remember every Being is present with intent and significance. If you are hurting in life, then go inside, give your life some deep thought, and pick up the pieces and start moving forward. Go and do something fun for yourself!

What would one hear from YOU telling your story? Would your story be favorable, focusing on the positives, or would your story portray pain, confusion, and despair? Even in the most difficult life experiences, one needs to always look for the positive. The positives may not be apparent right away, but do not be misguided, they are there. Do NOT dwell on the difficult parts of life, find strength in the positives, and enjoy the journey of life! ♥️

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