Live In the Now Moment

Everything we need for our journey here on Earth, has been provided by God. So Enjoy the Now Moment because it is always present and will never abandon you. The NOW will only end when your journey is complete.

YOU are the I.

I let go of last week and yesterday, because it was over, completed and gone.
I took the lessons from it and decided it was time to move on.

I let go of my wishes for tomorrow and for the upcoming week,
because on Earth I may not be here to get what I seek.

I live now in the present moment, at this exact point in time,
because it is much easier to live now and have less hills to climb.

The present empowers me with more time in life to gain,
Less anxiety and stress and a mind at peace that is sane.

Life is not measured in my past, nor in the hereafter,
but rather measured in the NOW that I share in love and laughter.

I appreciate the now moment because someday it too shall go,
So I begin everyday afresh, live in the now, and my BEING enjoys the glow. ♥️

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