Go Home

Recently a woman said, “ I live everyday in darkness because I have never liked who I am and I hate who I have become; I think my only way out is suicide.” Never is life intended to be without energy, light, direction, and pursuit.

When a person loves and enjoys who he or she is, then they can continue to grow in mind and spirit. However, In order to expand and flourish in life, the Being must go inside self, called HOME, because it is inside HOME where one finds answers.

In the earthly world there is a great amount of clutter, chaos, anxiety, and depression and there is little alone time. People are occupied with jobs, events, social media, economic status, perceptions of others and much more. Many beings are controlled by the overwhelming feelings of busyness, deadlines, obligations, debt, opinions and the overall feeling of emptiness. Everything they have or want is on the outside and they fail to go HOME, to know self and their own value and worth.
It is imperative that the human being find time to step away from the hectic everyday schedule and find time for self. The time one spends alone in thought, meditation, prayer, clearness and relaxation is the time when one can rejuvenate the body and soul. Every living human being needs to renew, regenerate and reanimate their inner being.

The woman who finds darkness in life is stuck, as if she were stuck inside a container, breathing but confused and entangled. The exit is inside her. Life is never intended to be a heavy burden but a progressive journey of love, growth, understanding and enlightenment. When there is no joy in life and it becomes a stressful task and strain, it is time FOR CHANGE.
Begin inside oneself and be patient! Change will happen if SELF truly wants and seeks such change and is willing to work for inner joy. Love and respect for self opens the pathway for love and respect for others.
Suicide is NOT an out for any being because what is left incomplete in this lifetime must be completed in another. You did not come to Earth to self destruct but to live life with intention. Your energy and presence on Earth will end on its own accord, as agreed prior to arrival on Earth, and not at your human discretion. ♥️

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