A Lesson from the Root

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While walking along the path, she stumbled, almost falling completely down. Regaining her balance She stopped and looked to see what had caused her to stumble. There above the ground was a large root from the tall tree growing along side the path. She said, “ Root, look what you almost made me do! You tripped me and I almost fell to the ground. Why are you sticking above the ground and in my way for walking? “
Without hesitation the root responded, “ Why when you walk along the path, you do not notice me? You only look forward but you never look down. I live beneath the base of this beautiful tree and if it were not for me, this tree would no more be. I bring health, height and beauty to the tree. Had I not protruded from the ground would you have taken note of me? Remember true beauty is in everything and everywhere, look for it in every aspect of life, sometimes it is quite visible but other times it is more hidden. Never be mistaken, everything created by Source has a purpose and worth, from the smallest to the biggest, from the prettiest to the ugliest…. it all has energy and light.”
No words were left to be said, she thought for a moment and then continued her walk along the path, but now she walked with clarity and greater understanding of all existence in life. ♥️

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