Physical Death Is Not the End

For some it may be tonight, or tomorrow or in two days, two months, one year, or ten years. The time is unknown. Earthly Death visits all and everything; life begins and then it ends.
Death is inevitable, unpredictable and the finality of the body but NOT to the Soul. One can not buy, bargain or barter for more or less life. The life journey you live now was preset and preplanned prior to the soul and body arrival; along with this the end of this lifetime was also prearranged.

For sure death is not to be feared. The body could meet death in an abrupt sudden manner or it could be a lengthy and drawn out process. However death comes, it is important that you receive it without fear and you accept it as your physical end.
A being that does not accept death of body, can linger on Earth in a “ghostly” form, stuck without either desire, willpower or knowledge on how to move to the other side or perhaps not even realize their physical form is dead. There are times when the the spirit refuses to move on or accept their death, so it becomes trapped on Earth, stuck without form, lost, without peace and existing in fear and pain.

While here on Earth in life form, enjoy the adventure, have fun in life, love unconditionally and grow with life experiences. There will almost always be more things you wish you could have done or said but these were not to be in this lifetime. For sure there will be Earth moments that you now wish you had not experienced but let ALL of that go and not block the passage. No soul arrives to the other side without great amounts of support, love, and compassion.

Every single day of life is one day closer to the physical end. Even If it is a sudden death, the soul will accept it and there will be no pain in the end moment. Do not fear the physical end, release the body freely and allow the soul to move on. Eventually the soul will decide to either reincarnate to Earth in a new spiritual being, find a new journey to pursue at a different level or have a new purpose or job on the other side.

When it is your time, just LET GO and move to your next level…. Soar to the highest level… soar to the heavens and enjoy the journey♥️.

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