Are You Ready for 2020?

Photo by Riccardo Camino

2020 is an important year for inner growth and enlightenment. Do not take this year lightly but rather take note of all the higher levels of energy and vibrations. Your inner Being will desire to know more, seek to love more and look for the brightest of light. Do not stay stagnant,this is the year of progress and fulfillment. Open your eyes and your heart; see what needs to be done for greater love in your Being and do it! Embrace warmly those with less spiritual knowledge so that they can see the beauty of spiritual knowing and understand the warmth of unconditional love. Have a goal in mind for 2020, a goal that deals with increasing your spiritual expansion. Go deep into the devotion of prayer and never abandon talking to the Divine Being and all good Beings on the other side.

Needless to say you are not present on Earth by accident in 2020, there is a notable reason. Talk to your guides and to the Archangels, ask them to help illuminate your path in 2020 so that you will be prepared for the momentous encounters of love and light. If you truly wish to advance your Being, this is the year of love, light, and

enlightenment…. ♥️.

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