Be Accountable and Stop saying “but I…. but”.

Photo by Héctor López

In a conversation, infrequently use the word BUT. It often allows for excuses, untruths, evasiveness, and justification. It also weakens the conversation and attempts to portray a brief fix.

HUMANS love excuses.. they love to find one for about everything in life that did not go as planned or they disliked. Excuses help the human temporarily feel at ease however, deep inside there is an emptiness and a feeling of dissatisfaction. Many humans find accountability unnecessary or foreign, and they quickly point out their opinion with words or actions of retaliation. Often the humans then places the blame elsewhere or on a cause “out of their control”. These humans are incapable of holding themself accountable, because it is a heavy and debilitating task and emotion, and in their closed mind it is unconscionable.

Why is it so inconceivable that humans make mistakes, fail at a task, or misconstrue actions and thoughts? Humans need to accept that it is normal to error. REMEMBER TO acknowledge your action, learn from the misdeed, ask for forgiveness and move forward. This is the EARTHLY LIFE PROCESS and failure to own the wrongdoing is a true flaw and weakness. There are no excuses and no need to say.. “but, … but”.

As a human, YOU are here to better your previous journey(s) to Earth, nevertheless this does not insinuate that you will be perfect. Start now to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Make better choices and decisions, Raise your vibrations, and become more enlightened.

Love yourself and your goodness, recognize and overcome your flaws and weaknesses, and grow as a complete Being.

It is with hope that when this present Earthly journey ends, your Spirit and Soul, YOU, have more love, light and positive energy than when it was born to Earth as One.

Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

Photo by John Towner

Together in spirit and body form, you make the Earth journey. Short or long in earthly time the mind nor body knows; Only the Spirit is aware of the beginning and the end of the journey. Yet the Spirit is not free to share this information because the process of living without knowing is the making of the journey.

It is your complete Being that forms the path, and it is you that fills it with good and bad choices, easy and difficult lessons, successes and failures. It is not meant to be free of challenge, but a journey better than the last one you had. Sometimes bad decisions and choices are made, which cause pain and suffering for both our spiritual and human sides. Know that these happenings are not unnoticed or without purpose.

A young child killed in a car accident because his parent failed to strap him into a car seat, is NO fault of the child, yet this child is part of the journey and the lesson. The error falls on the adult and this is NOT by accident or without purpose. Together the child and adult were purposely put together to share the good, the bad, the rewards and the pain of such experience. Stop asking “why me”. Know that all events are present for a reason. Every earthly adventure, encounter, and occurrence is planned from the other side, and how you as a Being, manage and utilize these from the Earth side is your assignment. Allow your life journey to enlighten your Being. ♥️

( For two and half years I, Shirlee, have been given a lesson on having patience. YES, IT HAS BEEN SO HARD, but I NOW understand why I have been presented such a task. FINALLY I have accepted my duty and I feel so much better emotionally and spiritually.).

Love oneself first.

Photo by Allie Smith

When you truly love your COMPLETE SELF, both physically and spiritually, then you are free to love others. Until then it is not love but an emotion of fondness, devotion, affection and admiration. Going inside your BEING and finding, accepting and loving your true spirit and soul, allows you the freedom to understand and love others. You cannot know others without first knowing Self. You are here to intermingle and merge with others through life experiences and to advance the soul, but this can ONLY be done once you know and love self. Confidence to accept and love yourself or change what needs to be made better, is the greatest aspect or trait in the Being. Life here on Earth allows for change, growth and betterment but unfortunately it also permits failure, distress and deterioration. The final decision lies within you and what choices the Being makes. It is never too late, and there are no timelines. If change for the good needs to be made, then do it. Work on self so you can move to others. Only through loving oneself can a being truly love another. ♥️

Like a Test Given In School

Preparing spiritually the inner Being is the greatest, most powerful and rewarding task ever given to a being on Earth. It is the reason as to why the Being Is present on Earth. To come to Earth for the first time or return to Earth again and again, is of little importance UNLESS one understands that No being present on earth is without reason, intention, or design. In other words it is NOT by chance and it is not in vain. Not even the most evil of human beings is here by mistake, but here for an interesting enterprise. The door to enlightenment comes through living and experiencing, not through being idle, or untouched by life. Like a test in school, life would be easy if provided in advance all solutions, remedies, explanations, details and descriptions, BUT it is not to be. A new soul or an old soul residing on Earth has much to learn, overcome and confront, no exclusions.

How is it that many people do not understand or seek to know why they have journeyed to the earth? The simple truth is that they have not found their inner most being and are not aware that their true being is Soul not body. The vehicle that places the human on earth is only important for the passage to and from earth and for accommodating and carrying the Soul during the voyage. Physical Care for the body is important for transporting the soul, but to spend endless funds on making or keeping the body beautiful is of no value to the good of the inner Being. True Beauty, goodness, virtue and value are deep within the Being NOT on the surface.

Love who you are or become who you want to be through the SOUL and not the physical. Place emphasis on inner characteristics such as kindness, integrity, benevolence, clarity, etc. It is through these that you have worth and happiness in life… found deep in the Soul. IT ALL BEGINS ON THE INSIDE.. LOVE FROM THE HEART. ♥️

Merit is Deep Within

On the *Spiritual side, the Being’s worth is never measured, defined or valued by its profession, power, possessions, popularity or money. None of these Human means of measurement will follow you to the *heavens. These acquisitions and accomplishments are only of significance while living on Earth. Right Now is the time to take a hard look at Self and begin to reevaluate and change your priorities. In the *heavens your importance and merit come from deep within your BEING, NOT from feigned evaluations of earthly status. All is measured from the goodness of your Being, never from outside influences or forces. Be kind, compassionate, truthful, trustworthy, merciful and forgiving, and always LOVE from the heart. Begin now to make self changes that grow and advance the soul. Always Respect without judgement, give without expectation, and genuinely love from the heart. Even in the most difficult moments of your human life, believe in the good of all and seek love within your ❤️.

*Spirtual side- the Heavens

Let Go of Your Old Story

Your story has been told and heard over and over again. It is time to LET IT GO and stop rolling in self pity or guilt. Get up and move past your woes….. do not look back to your past or plan an unknown future.

Start writing your NEW story right now in the PRESENT, and find something positive in every experience. It is through these life experiences that your Being becomes stronger and your journey more complete. Whatever the result of a life event or adventure, know that it is not hollow or worthless. Every moment, every incident, every happening has a meaning, an intention and nothing is lost or purposeless. Yes, even in all the darkness and pain in dealing with the death of a loved one, there is resolve. On the Earth side, No death, Nor illness, nor accident happens by chance, it is all part of the plan. Believe….realize …..know….that from such ups and downs in the journey nothing is every lost! Every happening is here to make you a stronger Being. How you accept, view and live each is up to you. When the Divine Being calls, you must go. So until then advance your Being through all life lessons. Remember to Love from the heart always. ❤️

Are You Ready for 2020?

Photo by Riccardo Camino

2020 is an important year for inner growth and enlightenment. Do not take this year lightly but rather take note of all the higher levels of energy and vibrations. Your inner Being will desire to know more, seek to love more and look for the brightest of light. Do not stay stagnant,this is the year of progress and fulfillment. Open your eyes and your heart; see what needs to be done for greater love in your Being and do it! Embrace warmly those with less spiritual knowledge so that they can see the beauty of spiritual knowing and understand the warmth of unconditional love. Have a goal in mind for 2020, a goal that deals with increasing your spiritual expansion. Go deep into the devotion of prayer and never abandon talking to the Divine Being and all good Beings on the other side.

Needless to say you are not present on Earth by accident in 2020, there is a notable reason. Talk to your guides and to the Archangels, ask them to help illuminate your path in 2020 so that you will be prepared for the momentous encounters of love and light. If you truly wish to advance your Being, this is the year of love, light, and

enlightenment…. ♥️.