Your Temporary Life Journey.

Your Earth Life can be seconds, minutes, months, hours or years old.

Have you ever wondered why some beings come to Earth for a short period of time, some for years of earthly living and some never are born alive to the earth? As you read these words, it is quite obvious that your human life has extended to this present time, the NOW.

RIGHT NOW You are physically present on earth, alive, living and experiencing. BUT, in this present lifespan, how many beings have come in and out of your life and not just due to death? Depending on your earthly age, who were the people that were in your life five, ten, twenty years ago, and how many of these beings are still currently in your life journey? Know that EVERY BEING that shows up in your life has an intent. There are NO accidental meetings between earthly beings; All encounters serve a mission and have an outcome. The amount of time each being spends in your life is not as important as the fact that the Being IS or WAS in your life AND ALWAYS it is of great importance as to why they have been or are in your life!

Take an earthly moment to think of a person that was physically in your life five or ten years ago but is NOT present in your life today. How did this reunion go? What was the resolution to the “friendship”? What did you learn, teach or uncover in this union? No earthly encounter, friendship, reunion, is forever BECAUSE there is no permanence on the earth level. The Earth level is where you presently are to revive, renew, redo, and relive what needs to be accomplished. Incidentally it is not by chance that your Being is present here and that you are reading these words!

EVERY STEP OR ACTION that you take in this earthly life is in the NOW moment, and with resolve to prepare your inner being. As a being you may or may not achieve all your intentions on Earth but the experience, ordeal, test, and encounter that has presented itself is what serves the soul well and will continue to serve through each learning step you take.

Be open to each new encounter, to each new happening surrounding you because ALL EARTH encounters, situations and outcomes serve the Being in their journey of earthly and spiritual advancement . Everything and everyone come and go, BUT DO NOT be fooled, ALL had a purpose. Now Go and live in the present moment, do the best you can do in the NOW …….enjoy, understand and gain insight in all life experiences. Love all… Smile big…. and take joy in your temporary earthly journey. ♥️

No Excuses … Enjoy your Complete Being

In Earth life there are many Beings that feel depressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and lost. Why is this and how can such a person feel happier, complete and satisfied in their Being?

Think of Self ….. how much time do you give to expanding and flourishing your inner Being? How often do you sit alone in silence…. relax, dream, imagine, pray, and meditate? Even if is only for a moment or two, every Being needs time to enjoy their inner Being.

The mind is constantly active, which leaves the Being to feel depleted, rushed, overloaded and anxious. The earth body is also in constant action, occupied by a job, tasks and daily activities, duties and obligations. When does the human have time to find Self, to connect and to know the inner Being?

As we on this side, do not have time in our realm of living, we DO see and understand the existence of earthly time and how it dominates, manipulates, destroys and controls the agenda of the Earth being. There must be moments of freedom from thought and activity, only in this manner can the complete Being refresh, renew and expand in spiritual growth.

Stop the daily cycle of existence.

LIVE, LEARN and ENJOY through moments of silence; through moments of being present and through moments of inactivity. Take TIME for self in order to be true to your Earthly presence and mission. Always remember that here on Earth you are a Spiritual Being, living and experiencing a human life. Let the SOUL live and learn through a thriving body.

No excuses, make time for your complete Being! This was the plan made by your body and your soul prior to coming to Earth……. Complete the plan and enjoy the journey. ♥️

Do not be lead astray.

Photo by David Monje

How sad it is for the human who does not recognize or know the soul. This human most likely lives in fear of death because he believes there is nothing more for him after the body dies. Because of this belief, he has nothing to lose and can do great harm to self and others. Be cautious, be aware and do not allow this being to lead you astray.

These people only see themselves as a human body, nothing more, and these people often struggle in life. Their Life is a constant challenge and burden without the understanding and or desire of anything more. Sadly they do not recognize or know what awaits them after human death because they see Earth as the END.

NO earthly Being is without soul therefore no Being is without light and energy. Physical death does not stop the light and energy, the soul continues on its journey. The soul journey may include another reincarnation to Earth or perhaps it will stay on the other side working at a completely different place, but never gone. The soul lives forever, it is light and energy that never cease. Be loyal to your Spiritual Being and do not let anything or anyone dim your light.

Remember the I AM…. is forever.

I AM…. love, light, energy and never ending. ❤️


Perfection does not come in human form; all humans have imperfections which make us stronger beings and teach us to be better in Human life. We must recognize that all is part of our earthly journey, and no one is without challenges and imperfections. As humans we must grow in Being and rectify our mistakes. Remember to forgive and ask to be forgiven; give love and be loved; and BE an enlightened Human and Spiritual Being…. we are ONE. ♥️

A Lesson from the Root

Saved Photo

While walking along the path, she stumbled, almost falling completely down. Regaining her balance She stopped and looked to see what had caused her to stumble. There above the ground was a large root from the tall tree growing along side the path. She said, “ Root, look what you almost made me do! You tripped me and I almost fell to the ground. Why are you sticking above the ground and in my way for walking? “
Without hesitation the root responded, “ Why when you walk along the path, you do not notice me? You only look forward but you never look down. I live beneath the base of this beautiful tree and if it were not for me, this tree would no more be. I bring health, height and beauty to the tree. Had I not protruded from the ground would you have taken note of me? Remember true beauty is in everything and everywhere, look for it in every aspect of life, sometimes it is quite visible but other times it is more hidden. Never be mistaken, everything created by Source has a purpose and worth, from the smallest to the biggest, from the prettiest to the ugliest…. it all has energy and light.”
No words were left to be said, she thought for a moment and then continued her walk along the path, but now she walked with clarity and greater understanding of all existence in life. ♥️

Light Inside the Body

Do not forget that you have spiritual guides and angel helpers; talk to them and ask them to lead and support you on your Earth journey. They are always present around you. YES, TALK TO THEM OUT LOUD because they are with you and hear you always.

My personal experience last night:

I sat alone in front of a large mirror in the middle of a dark filled room.
Within seconds I saw a soft light appear above my head. The glow flickered, as if it were calling my attention, and then it became a steady gentle stream of light. It is then that I knew I was not alone but that I had a visitor, a protector with me. Only the feeling of joy, calmness and good was with me, there was no sense of evil, darkness or hostility. I spoke to it, softly and intently, “ Angel friend, please Wrap me in your soft tender wings and protect me from all evilness and harm. Never abandon me as I need your love, help,and guidance during this earthly voyage. Also when it is time for me to leave Earth, please let me fly with you to the heavens above. I will be ready without despair or dread because I know I am loved .”

The light continued to shine above my head granting me just enough reflection to see myself in the mirror. I remained sitting in silence and looking at the reflection, then I saw the light go inside the body that I was seeing in the mirror, YES my body.
With the light now visible inside and above my body, I felt an incredible warmth in my heart and a beautiful feeling of peace and love. I know that the light inside and above me was a message from beyond; perhaps just to say hello or let me know that I wasn’t alone.

Everyday humans are faced with decisions to make and everyday humans need to ask for guidance, support and understanding in making these choices for their journey. Ángels and guides are always present, to surround, protect and lead the human in the right direction. Always acknowledge their presence and thank them for their assistance.
What a truly beautiful experience it was. ♥️

Go Home

Recently a woman said, “ I live everyday in darkness because I have never liked who I am and I hate who I have become; I think my only way out is suicide.” Never is life intended to be without energy, light, direction, and pursuit.

When a person loves and enjoys who he or she is, then they can continue to grow in mind and spirit. However, In order to expand and flourish in life, the Being must go inside self, called HOME, because it is inside HOME where one finds answers.

In the earthly world there is a great amount of clutter, chaos, anxiety, and depression and there is little alone time. People are occupied with jobs, events, social media, economic status, perceptions of others and much more. Many beings are controlled by the overwhelming feelings of busyness, deadlines, obligations, debt, opinions and the overall feeling of emptiness. Everything they have or want is on the outside and they fail to go HOME, to know self and their own value and worth.
It is imperative that the human being find time to step away from the hectic everyday schedule and find time for self. The time one spends alone in thought, meditation, prayer, clearness and relaxation is the time when one can rejuvenate the body and soul. Every living human being needs to renew, regenerate and reanimate their inner being.

The woman who finds darkness in life is stuck, as if she were stuck inside a container, breathing but confused and entangled. The exit is inside her. Life is never intended to be a heavy burden but a progressive journey of love, growth, understanding and enlightenment. When there is no joy in life and it becomes a stressful task and strain, it is time FOR CHANGE.
Begin inside oneself and be patient! Change will happen if SELF truly wants and seeks such change and is willing to work for inner joy. Love and respect for self opens the pathway for love and respect for others.
Suicide is NOT an out for any being because what is left incomplete in this lifetime must be completed in another. You did not come to Earth to self destruct but to live life with intention. Your energy and presence on Earth will end on its own accord, as agreed prior to arrival on Earth, and not at your human discretion. ♥️