No Excuses … Enjoy your Complete Being

In Earth life there are many Beings that feel depressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and lost. Why is this and how can such a person feel happier, complete and satisfied in their Being?

Think of Self ….. how much time do you give to expanding and flourishing your inner Being? How often do you sit alone in silence…. relax, dream, imagine, pray, and meditate? Even if is only for a moment or two, every Being needs time to enjoy their inner Being.

The mind is constantly active, which leaves the Being to feel depleted, rushed, overloaded and anxious. The earth body is also in constant action, occupied by a job, tasks and daily activities, duties and obligations. When does the human have time to find Self, to connect and to know the inner Being?

As we on this side, do not have time in our realm of living, we DO see and understand the existence of earthly time and how it dominates, manipulates, destroys and controls the agenda of the Earth being. There must be moments of freedom from thought and activity, only in this manner can the complete Being refresh, renew and expand in spiritual growth.

Stop the daily cycle of existence.

LIVE, LEARN and ENJOY through moments of silence; through moments of being present and through moments of inactivity. Take TIME for self in order to be true to your Earthly presence and mission. Always remember that here on Earth you are a Spiritual Being, living and experiencing a human life. Let the SOUL live and learn through a thriving body.

No excuses, make time for your complete Being! This was the plan made by your body and your soul prior to coming to Earth……. Complete the plan and enjoy the journey. ♥️

With Protection Embrace Energy and Light

photo by Bruno Thethe

Have you ever closed your eyes ready to call it a night, and right there in front of your closed eyes, a face or body image appears? Perhaps the face of someone you knew quite well or someone you barely knew from before. But the “ person’s energy” is there, close and in your personal space. Why now,….why so close, …. and why this being?

Just know that this spirit’s energy is with you for a reason. Maybe to say “ I love you”, to remind you that they are not far, or to ask you for prayer… for whatever reason they appeared, know it is real and there is a reason. All beings have energy and light no matter at what level they reside, and with permission they can manifest it in various ways.

Know that you are never to embrace any energy or light from a different level without asking first for God to protect and guide you. Only accept and invite WITH the loving LIGHT and PROTECTION of God, your guardian angels and your spiritual guides. After this you may embrace the vision, listen, acknowledge, talk and pray with the visiting spirit.

Always live with the light and protection of God and your guides. Everyone and everything is light and energy …. embrace with a loving heart any beautiful message you receive from a different level. ♥️

Together In Life

Photo by Matheus Ferrero

Please know that through my OWN personal experiences around you and with you, I know, appreciate, respect, like and love you…. it is NOT from the words or judgements of others. Together in life we meet each other and yes, there is a reason for our encounter. There are NO chance encounters, greetings, smiles or tears. …. every single glance or reunion has a solid reason for happening. Perhaps we knew each other in a previous life, perhaps our spirits were connected on the other side, for whatever be the reason, once again we meet, greet, laugh, cry, chat and share. ♥️

Love and More Love

Saved Photo

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Be grateful for everything in your life…..every inhalation and exhalation……every easy or difficult task….. every step forward or backward…. every life or death….. every smile given or received…. Yes, be so EVER GRATEFUL for every life experience, good or bad….. BECAUSE everything you live in your lifetime is part of you……part of your mission and journey. Never forget, EVERYTHING is all inclusive and it does not allow one to pick and choose. Your body and soul are together and the union is one of love…….together they are here to live and together they will pass.
Like the tree in the picture above, cultivate good strong roots that support the body and soul. Always enrich, maneuver, adjust and rejuvenate after each life experience so as to find the greatest amount of light, learning, growth and love. Stand tall and be part of the entire universe…. contribute love and MORE LOVE. ♥️

I experienced my own death.

Before I walked out through the large framed door.
I turned around and gave it one more glance.
I knew that I would never see it or live in it again.
I was leaving everything behind and going HOME.

There was no fear, just regrets for not doing life better,
And the hope that my old tiring soul would not return.
I knew I was ill, living in a painful malfunctioning body,
it had failed me before, but never to this extent.

Now alone, with no one around, it was time to talk to God,
To thank HIM for all and To ask HIM for a peaceful end.
Lying alone motionless and in an insipid body,
I could smell what was coming, impending death.

Next to me, stood friends and family members
all from the other side, glowing in a very bright light.
“Come join us where everything is so beautiful and calm,”
I heard them say, among the voices of singing angels.

I had no fear of dying, my guides had prepared me well,
So, I relinquished everything and said, “ I am ready”.
The heart stopped beating,….there were no more breaths
No pain nor discomfort, the human switch was now OFF.

As my Soul lifted from the corpse in front of me,
I felt An overwhelming sense of peace and freedom.
There I was standing outside of the body encasement,
The REAL TRUE ME, the ME as Soul, light and energy.

As Soul, I said my goodbyes to Earth and its creation,
Now free from the restraints of a world of humanness.
Call it what you may, my Soul feels an extraordinary peace
Unlike any other stage of tranquilly and Love…..I AM.

Where is the unbalance in your life?

In the world of 2018 there is more technology available today than ever before……More advancements in means of instant communication than ever experienced before. Today there is a greater percentage of college educated people in the world than in the past. The world is full of medical advancements, expertise and knowledge, information and instruction, yet the following continues to be prevalent in the world: , murder, disenchantment, homelessness, mental illness, suicide, hunger, unsettledness, etc? There is more stress, confusion, disharmony, anxiousness and uncertainty in the human world today than before.

Where is the break down? Where is the unbalance?


A person can have absolutely everything in life, but if they are broken inside, there will be no no peace, no fulfillment, no achievement or contentment and no awareness. A person of any profession, job, mission, etc. can feel lost in a world of so much, IF they have not found their true being.

Sit in silence, sit among nature, turn everything off…. just sit and listen!   IT IS NOT in the gadgets or possessiones you own but in your ❤️ heart, your inner moving soul.  Find inner peace and you will find happiness.  


Who are you and where are you?

Photo by Frank Busch

Often humans ask: Where are you?, Who are you?, and The answers generally go like this……


Where are you? I am in the family room. Or, I am at the bank.


Who are you? I am Michael. Or, I am Mary’s sister.


But what if the responses would be….

Where are you? I am here in this moment. Or. I am on Earth living a temporary experience.


Who are you? I am part of God. Or. I am body and soul.


Yes, most people would not respond in this manner and definitely most would find these responses quirky, strange or bizarre. However, are they not true? Do the responses not truly give an authentic disclosure?


The truth is that a large part of humanity does not know the true answer to these questions. These questions and answers have become so routine and shallow, that they are of little importance, nonetheless, they are of great significance and purpose.

Knowing where you are and who you are in this life, are two of the greatest accomplishments you can make spiritually. If God were to ask you these two questions right now, how would you respond?

Instead of wandering around aimlessly, why not have direction and aspire to know your true being and life undertaking. Sit in silence and gain wisdom. ♥️