The Change in Guatemala 2019

Photo by Mel Elías

( I, SHIRLEE, share my experiences and emotions from my recent trip to Guatemala. This is how I found the country and people I saw around me. This is NOT a reflection of how I found my friends in Guatemala and This is NOT a message from my spiritual guide, KARL.)

The country of Guatemala has always been a spiritual place for me. I started coming here in the 1970’s, and it is here where I learned to meditate and to find a close connection to my spiritual side. But this visit, in 2019, has felt different and finally today, with the help of a good friend, I believe I understand why.

By choice, due to physical issues with walking, I chose not to travel outside of the capital city on this visit. Always before my visits have included going outside of the capital, mingling among the native Mayan people and walking the land of past generations. Before no matter where I would go, I ALWAYS felt a strong positive loving energy permeating from the land and the people. Today, I find Guatemala different in several ways.

Guatemala City is as busy as I have ever seen it. It has become overpopulated, dangerous and totally disorganized in its movement of traffic. An eight mile trip entails leaving at least one hour in advance.The demand for parking the thousands of cars, is at an all time high and the space to park the car is so small passengers have to exit before the car is pulled into the space. All the parking spaces costs a substantial fee,I saw no free parking.

Everything above ground that is visible to the human eye is either concrete, glass, stone, asphalt or dirt . It is only when I walk behind the concrete walls, can i find green grass and blooming flowers, otherwise there is barely any grass. Most of the trees that grow in the city are unhealthy and are dirty and polluted from all the traffic. The people in the city streets are walking around in a hurried daze or running in between cars to cross congested streets. Everybody is in a rush mode to and from; drivers are honking car horns and trying to maneuver their cars in and out of any small opening they can find. As I walk around I smile at the people but I see only a few smiles in return. Children look at me with their eyes widening, as if they have little understanding of a smiling face or maybe the understanding of a head full of pure white hair. I do see less children begging in the streets than from years past, but there are many more elderly and disabled begging and sitting on the sidewalks.

Before, in the charming neighborhood of Vista Hermosa, there were many beautiful homes, yards and flowers. Now, these homes are gone and in their place are TALL modern buildings made from concrete and glass. These buildings take up a huge amount of space and have taken away the beautiful view of the mountains.

Guatemala has always been my place to reconnect and appreciate the simple things in life . It is where I always have come to rejuvenate and find inner peace and to feel an intense connection between me and God. But now I feel something has changed……. it is as if something isn’t right. The energy is off and it feels like a dark cloud is hanging above the city and the people. I see people moving but it is as if they are robots on duty; moving their body but without emotion and expression. Some have faces of illness, worry, sadness and emptiness. I never remember seeing such semblance of hollowness and exhaustion as I see now.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Earth Angel I met outside an elevator in a mall. This man had a smile on his face from the moment my friend and I encountered him to the moment we parted. Such a kind, jolly and sweet soul; he even mentioned the hustle of human life and the need for calmness and tranquility. His composure and gentleness was genuine and it gave me a moment of relief and comfort. I thought, “How is it, he understands the challenges of living today in Guatemala? …. he seems happy. “ This man had a special aura around him and his positive vibes, beautiful smile and kind heart brought such joy to my soul. For just a moment or two, he reminded me of the Guatemala from before, the Guatemala I always loved and was connected to spiritually.

As I prepare to leave “ The Land of Eternal Spring” I know this trip has not been in vain. I have so enjoyed being with my close friends and meeting new people. I bonded with an older dog (Potter) that needed me as much as I needed him and together we found companionship. I was able to share my personal story with cancer victims and explain my dedication and belief in herbal meds, especially in Ashwaghanda. I was with people that I love and that love me.

Yes, God wanted me to understand that even in one of the most beautiful and spiritual countries in the world , people can lose touch with their divine being. HE wanted me to feel the deficiency of spiritualism so that I could better understand the feeling of loss, balance , and harmony . I now have a greater appreciation for what I have gained through meditation. I know that Guatemala continues to be the same spiritual land as before but the people are in transition. I implore them to slow down and recognize that material belongings do not bring harmony and balance in life. Perhaps in time, more will find the tranquility and love they seek in their land and their inner Being rather than in the modern Guatemala of 2019. ♥️

Do not be lead astray.

Photo by David Monje

How sad it is for the human who does not recognize or know the soul. This human most likely lives in fear of death because he believes there is nothing more for him after the body dies. Because of this belief, he has nothing to lose and can do great harm to self and others. Be cautious, be aware and do not allow this being to lead you astray.

These people only see themselves as a human body, nothing more, and these people often struggle in life. Their Life is a constant challenge and burden without the understanding and or desire of anything more. Sadly they do not recognize or know what awaits them after human death because they see Earth as the END.

NO earthly Being is without soul therefore no Being is without light and energy. Physical death does not stop the light and energy, the soul continues on its journey. The soul journey may include another reincarnation to Earth or perhaps it will stay on the other side working at a completely different place, but never gone. The soul lives forever, it is light and energy that never cease. Be loyal to your Spiritual Being and do not let anything or anyone dim your light.

Remember the I AM…. is forever.

I AM…. love, light, energy and never ending. ❤️

Find Self Find Love

Photo by Nathan Anderson

Even in the darkest and most difficult moments of human life, LOVE exist. God /Divine Being created each of us out of complete unselfish love, always with the desire to be ONE with him someday. Living earthly life is a process from beginning to end, let it play out the way your body and soul planned it from the other side. It takes true courage to face and live the difficult moments in life. Know that someday you will be a happy and fulfilled spiritual being without worries and concerns…. free from humanness like the butterfly 🦋 that breaks from its cocoon and flies freely through the air. Never give up, know that there is always plenty of love to be found because you ARE a creation of love. First go inside, there you will see, meet, and get to know self. Everything is in the Being but you must be willing to work finding it and then you are so free to love and be loved. ♥️

Your Beings

photo by Fabio Rose

To live on Earth and fulfill the needs of both your Spiritual and Human sides, it is important to: sit in silence and find inner peace, ….love without judgement….. show gratitude for everything, and find enlightenment in ALL life lessons. Nothing happens by chance…. how you deal with the event is up to you… FREE WILL. ♥️

Own Your Life and Be

Do you own your life or does someone or something own it? Do you allow another to lead you in your journey, OR do you lead in your own journey? Do you aspire to have more material possessions and are willing to give up who you are to get these? Where do you place the greatest amount of emphasis in your daily life and in your being?
It is so often that humans fail to know and be who they are; many become like the person they emulate or they allow earthly possessions to make and own them. You must own your life and your Being! Respect yourself enough to know who you are and BE your true self. If you feel that you can only live depending on others or things, then you need to dig deeper inside. No outside being or thing can make you love and respect your Being, it has to come from inside YOU, from YOUR BEING. All humans have flaws and weaknesses and these can only be fixed by the person that owns them. Do not place the blame for these on another,they belong to Self.
God did not make one human exactly as another, each Being has energy and a uniqueness to their Being. Knowing oneself and working with strengths and weaknesses, is all part of the life journey. There is no worthy in living a life for another and not for Self. Love and respect for self brings enlightenment and growth to your being and the ability to recognize and appreciate it in others.
Every Being must be afforded the liberty to be independent, to be respected, loved and to BE.
Each person is a creation of Source / God and each has the ability and energy to live life without the control, criticism or influence of others affecting their person. However, this can only happen when the Being has enough comfortability, confidence, love and knowledge of self, and strength.
Allow in your life space, the people that support and respect your creation, your individuality, your energy and love and weed out those that can only love you conditionally.
Parents guide and teach their children as they feel best, however as the child grows and becomes an adult, he or she must be true to soul, and true to SELF. He or she then must become self generated , autogenous.
In school, society and daily earthly living, rules are placed and people are asked to conform to thes rules to prevent chaos, to keep the flow positive without harm or hurt to others, BUT never does this mean that one should give up or lose their own identity. Love, Respect and Be True to the Being. ♥️

Always With A Purpose ♥️

Together we grew in friendship, laughing, crying, listening and learning. Now we grow as loving individuals without friendship but always with respect and appreciation.

Sometimes people come and go in our life, but never do they fail to leave their footprint. From the smallest to the largest of events, there are NO meetings by chance….. always with an intention in our life journey.
There are long lasting reunions and some are short in human time, but every meeting, reunion, and encounter is valuable in enlightening the Being. Give thanks for ALL life presentations and lessons, they serve you well. ♥️

Go Home

Recently a woman said, “ I live everyday in darkness because I have never liked who I am and I hate who I have become; I think my only way out is suicide.” Never is life intended to be without energy, light, direction, and pursuit.

When a person loves and enjoys who he or she is, then they can continue to grow in mind and spirit. However, In order to expand and flourish in life, the Being must go inside self, called HOME, because it is inside HOME where one finds answers.

In the earthly world there is a great amount of clutter, chaos, anxiety, and depression and there is little alone time. People are occupied with jobs, events, social media, economic status, perceptions of others and much more. Many beings are controlled by the overwhelming feelings of busyness, deadlines, obligations, debt, opinions and the overall feeling of emptiness. Everything they have or want is on the outside and they fail to go HOME, to know self and their own value and worth.
It is imperative that the human being find time to step away from the hectic everyday schedule and find time for self. The time one spends alone in thought, meditation, prayer, clearness and relaxation is the time when one can rejuvenate the body and soul. Every living human being needs to renew, regenerate and reanimate their inner being.

The woman who finds darkness in life is stuck, as if she were stuck inside a container, breathing but confused and entangled. The exit is inside her. Life is never intended to be a heavy burden but a progressive journey of love, growth, understanding and enlightenment. When there is no joy in life and it becomes a stressful task and strain, it is time FOR CHANGE.
Begin inside oneself and be patient! Change will happen if SELF truly wants and seeks such change and is willing to work for inner joy. Love and respect for self opens the pathway for love and respect for others.
Suicide is NOT an out for any being because what is left incomplete in this lifetime must be completed in another. You did not come to Earth to self destruct but to live life with intention. Your energy and presence on Earth will end on its own accord, as agreed prior to arrival on Earth, and not at your human discretion. ♥️