Love oneself first.

Photo by Allie Smith

When you truly love your COMPLETE SELF, both physically and spiritually, then you are free to love others. Until then it is not love but an emotion of fondness, devotion, affection and admiration. Going inside your BEING and finding, accepting and loving your true spirit and soul, allows you the freedom to understand and love others. You cannot know others without first knowing Self. You are here to intermingle and merge with others through life experiences and to advance the soul, but this can ONLY be done once you know and love self. Confidence to accept and love yourself or change what needs to be made better, is the greatest aspect or trait in the Being. Life here on Earth allows for change, growth and betterment but unfortunately it also permits failure, distress and deterioration. The final decision lies within you and what choices the Being makes. It is never too late, and there are no timelines. If change for the good needs to be made, then do it. Work on self so you can move to others. Only through loving oneself can a being truly love another. ♥️

Like a Test Given In School

Preparing spiritually the inner Being is the greatest, most powerful and rewarding task ever given to a being on Earth. It is the reason as to why the Being Is present on Earth. To come to Earth for the first time or return to Earth again and again, is of little importance UNLESS one understands that No being present on earth is without reason, intention, or design. In other words it is NOT by chance and it is not in vain. Not even the most evil of human beings is here by mistake, but here for an interesting enterprise. The door to enlightenment comes through living and experiencing, not through being idle, or untouched by life. Like a test in school, life would be easy if provided in advance all solutions, remedies, explanations, details and descriptions, BUT it is not to be. A new soul or an old soul residing on Earth has much to learn, overcome and confront, no exclusions.

How is it that many people do not understand or seek to know why they have journeyed to the earth? The simple truth is that they have not found their inner most being and are not aware that their true being is Soul not body. The vehicle that places the human on earth is only important for the passage to and from earth and for accommodating and carrying the Soul during the voyage. Physical Care for the body is important for transporting the soul, but to spend endless funds on making or keeping the body beautiful is of no value to the good of the inner Being. True Beauty, goodness, virtue and value are deep within the Being NOT on the surface.

Love who you are or become who you want to be through the SOUL and not the physical. Place emphasis on inner characteristics such as kindness, integrity, benevolence, clarity, etc. It is through these that you have worth and happiness in life… found deep in the Soul. IT ALL BEGINS ON THE INSIDE.. LOVE FROM THE HEART. ♥️

Merit is Deep Within

On the *Spiritual side, the Being’s worth is never measured, defined or valued by its profession, power, possessions, popularity or money. None of these Human means of measurement will follow you to the *heavens. These acquisitions and accomplishments are only of significance while living on Earth. Right Now is the time to take a hard look at Self and begin to reevaluate and change your priorities. In the *heavens your importance and merit come from deep within your BEING, NOT from feigned evaluations of earthly status. All is measured from the goodness of your Being, never from outside influences or forces. Be kind, compassionate, truthful, trustworthy, merciful and forgiving, and always LOVE from the heart. Begin now to make self changes that grow and advance the soul. Always Respect without judgement, give without expectation, and genuinely love from the heart. Even in the most difficult moments of your human life, believe in the good of all and seek love within your ❤️.

*Spirtual side- the Heavens

Let Go of Your Old Story

Your story has been told and heard over and over again. It is time to LET IT GO and stop rolling in self pity or guilt. Get up and move past your woes….. do not look back to your past or plan an unknown future.

Start writing your NEW story right now in the PRESENT, and find something positive in every experience. It is through these life experiences that your Being becomes stronger and your journey more complete. Whatever the result of a life event or adventure, know that it is not hollow or worthless. Every moment, every incident, every happening has a meaning, an intention and nothing is lost or purposeless. Yes, even in all the darkness and pain in dealing with the death of a loved one, there is resolve. On the Earth side, No death, Nor illness, nor accident happens by chance, it is all part of the plan. Believe….realize …..know….that from such ups and downs in the journey nothing is every lost! Every happening is here to make you a stronger Being. How you accept, view and live each is up to you. When the Divine Being calls, you must go. So until then advance your Being through all life lessons. Remember to Love from the heart always. ❤️

The Wall and Your Life Review

The Writing…..

Imagine standing directly in front of a long lengthy wall or board filled with writings, drawings, scribbles, designs, numbers, etc. Everything on this wall relates to your entire human life, up to this present moment. THE NOW. EVERY thing on this wall is written 100% YOURS TO OWN.

Imagine that at this very moment your human life ends and nothing more is added to the wall/ board. There is no more story to tell. The END.

Spiritual Form :

Now, you are in spiritual form so look at your wall or board. View all from the largest to the smallest of markings. Notice every written word, number, and drawing from skilled to raw in display. This wall or board illustrates and represents your ENTIRE human life story. Read it carefully, because there is no urgency! Every marking recounts moments of joy, love, confusion, loss, depression, rejection, sadness and more. Every human emotion and event you have lived is marked on this wall or board entitled “My Life Story”.

REMEMBER, it has taken this amount of time up to the Present moment, to create the story board, so it will take fortitude, perseverance, dedication and time ( if it existed here) to examine every aspect of your life. As you read the wall your spiritual being is undergoing the process of the LIFE REVIEW. Every human upon earthly death must undergo this review prior to passing to the higher energy and light. During this critical period, always there is a flowing love and support from the Divine Being and others, but until the review is complete, your spiritual being is in a transitional state.

In your Spiritual form you interpret, see, relive and evaluate every moment of what you human life entailed. You acknowledge and find joy in the good memories and moments, as you lament the painful experiences you caused upon others. As you feel great love you also feel great sorrow and pain. Your Spiritual Being views the entirety of your Earthly life, no secrets or unknowns, everything is displayed or replayed for review. It is YOU, your spiritual being that ponders and scrutinizes every detail of the human experience. It is YOU, that feels every joy or every pain you gave to another and it is YOU that discerns the right and wrong of every action, decision, remark, etc. This major undertaking is arduous yet enlightening and it requires love, light, and courage. This endeavor is not fast in progression but delicate and lengthy and it requires honesty, exactness, and purposefulness. Every being goes through this procedure as there are no exclusions. Only after the review is complete will the spiritual being pass to the adequate level it has attained.

If human death calls for you at this very moment, are you ready for your review? Are you prepared to face the absolute truth about every aspect of your human life? In the earth world where there are exceptions and exclusiones often expected, there are none on this side. There is no fixing or reworking of any part of what has already transpired , it is entirely authentic. In the review there is happiness and sadness and it is completely honest and exact.

As you read my words, you have EARTH TIME to positively impact all Beings that present in this lifetime. You have Earth time to bring good to your soul and all souls. Cultivate kindness and love … shine positive loving light throughout your circle of Being.

So I ask…… When your Earth journey ends, are you prepared for your review? ♥️

Your Life of Legos

Photo by Francisco Jacquier

As you grow up and move away from the people that reared you, you begin to search for the real you. You must make decisions, begin to form your own ideas and opinions and proceed to live. Sometimes your decisions and choices may be similar to the ideology in which you were nutured, but perhaps they are different as you seek to make your own path.

As stated previously on the blog, you arrived to Earth with a blueprint, a plan BUT your Being is free to manipulate and maneuver the plan as YOU are the administrator.

LIVING and experiencing Life independently is like building life from a very large basket full of Legos of different colors, shapes, sizes , and having NO instructions . The foundation on which to build this life may or may not be much of what you brought with you from childhood but it is yours. Now you are free to BE, to BE YOU and to build as you wish.

For some this task is easier than for others but for all it is an undertaking . How will you put together your Legos? Will you start to build and then tear down and redo? Yes, most likely you will and this can more than once and at any age. The decision on how to put everything together is all YOURS as well as how you see and work with the results. With each life experience It is up to YOU to put it together, rearrange, adjust, rework it and even tear apart what you already put together and start again.

Now with your unspecified number of Legos, how will you begin your life building? What colors and sizes will you use, will it be simple or intricate?

Enjoy life and see each day as a new way to use the LEGO for building your journey. Be mindful of the placement of your Legos and what impact it has on the universe. When your Earth time concludes will you be satisfied and proud of your construction or will it sadden and disappoint you?

Happy LEGO….ing. ❤️

Your Temporary Life Journey.

Your Earth Life can be seconds, minutes, months, hours or years old.

Have you ever wondered why some beings come to Earth for a short period of time, some for years of earthly living and some never are born alive to the earth? As you read these words, it is quite obvious that your human life has extended to this present time, the NOW.

RIGHT NOW You are physically present on earth, alive, living and experiencing. BUT, in this present lifespan, how many beings have come in and out of your life and not just due to death? Depending on your earthly age, who were the people that were in your life five, ten, twenty years ago, and how many of these beings are still currently in your life journey? Know that EVERY BEING that shows up in your life has an intent. There are NO accidental meetings between earthly beings; All encounters serve a mission and have an outcome. The amount of time each being spends in your life is not as important as the fact that the Being IS or WAS in your life AND ALWAYS it is of great importance as to why they have been or are in your life!

Take an earthly moment to think of a person that was physically in your life five or ten years ago but is NOT present in your life today. How did this reunion go? What was the resolution to the “friendship”? What did you learn, teach or uncover in this union? No earthly encounter, friendship, reunion, is forever BECAUSE there is no permanence on the earth level. The Earth level is where you presently are to revive, renew, redo, and relive what needs to be accomplished. Incidentally it is not by chance that your Being is present here and that you are reading these words!

EVERY STEP OR ACTION that you take in this earthly life is in the NOW moment, and with resolve to prepare your inner being. As a being you may or may not achieve all your intentions on Earth but the experience, ordeal, test, and encounter that has presented itself is what serves the soul well and will continue to serve through each learning step you take.

Be open to each new encounter, to each new happening surrounding you because ALL EARTH encounters, situations and outcomes serve the Being in their journey of earthly and spiritual advancement . Everything and everyone come and go, BUT DO NOT be fooled, ALL had a purpose. Now Go and live in the present moment, do the best you can do in the NOW …….enjoy, understand and gain insight in all life experiences. Love all… Smile big…. and take joy in your temporary earthly journey. ♥️